Made in Europe

We work tirelessly to design new super-fun products, but what happens once we finish a new product design here at Nolki worldwide labs in London?

All our paper products get printed with love by specialists across the European Union. We use some of the best suppliers in Italy and Germany who are experts in manufacturing the products we design. 

We keep our supply chains as short as possible - this helps with carbon emissions (the less distance a book has to travel, the better for the environment) and it means it takes less time to transform a concept to a solid diary on your desk. 

Our washi tape is produced by a specialist supplier in Guangdong, China. They have the best technology and expertise to turn our designs into awesome tape, and they care about being environmentally responsible. 

All of our suppliers use papers from sustainable sources, responsible production methods and are approved by certification schemes as FSC and PEFC and RoHS. As well as this, to move products between suppliers, warehouses and stores we always use carbon neutral transport where it's available.