Embracing Your Life with a Bucket List

Life moves fast and we can often get swept up in the whirlwind of the everyday. Often, we find ourselves losing sight of our goals, forgetting to write down all of the places we want to visit in our lifetimes and lose track of multiple new year's resolutions and hobbies we were to try.

The thing is, writing down your goals is the first step of attaining them. Journaling your experiences and goals enable one to understand themselves better and prioritises living in the moment. Starting a bucket list journal will make it easier to action all of those grand-scale plans. Jotting down your experiences, capturing memories and constantly updating your journal is a surefire way for you to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are ways you can use a bucket list journal to change your life today:

Write down those affirmations.

Why make a bucket list? Writing down affirmations acts as a strong psychological tool for empowerment. Jotting down affirmations in your bucket list can help foster self-reflection to align your goals and build self-love.

Although it's about planning adventures, goals and other to-dos, implementing self-care into your bucket list journal will help you foster an emotional attachment with your goals.

Celebrate your small wins.

Whatever daily event that makes you feel like you’ve won write it down. Noting down small wins will make you more optimistic about future life events. It’s always good to write a sentence or two about an experience after you’ve ticked it off your bucket list. This will motivate you to keep going!

Journal those clever ideas as they pop up.

We all have those times when a brilliant idea pops up then fades away just as quickly. With an everyday bucket list, you never know when the inspiration hits!

You may experience wanderlust when you’re driving to a scenic beach or be reminded of a long-forgotten hobby you have to try out. Noting these ideas down in a travel bucket list helps you keep a written record of all the ideas that inspire you. Even when you’re feeling a little lost or stuck, you can refer back, see what you wanted to try and give it a go.

Make a list of memories.

The bucket list is a plan of all the adventures, goals, visions and dreams you want to achieve. Your bucket list journal is more effective when it isn’t just a list – you’re able to create a detailed recollection of the moments, memories and people that made ticking off an adventure so meaningful and worthwhile.

Note those personal goals.

Do you want a promotion in your workplace? Write it down. Maybe a new car? Get your bucket list journal and scribble it down. Usually, the first step in achieving those goals is writing them down.

Whatever way you use your list, you can be assured of something positive coming out of it. Be a step closer to your goals by keeping your own bucket list in journal format. This allows you to regularly check in with your inner goals, dreams and needs, allowing you to create your dream life.