Meet Yourself in Three Years Time with a Three Year Journal

Three years ago today, what were you doing?

If your answer is ‘I can’t remember?!’, the Three Year Journal is for you.

Life is full of wonderful, wild moments. From the little ones scattered across each day that you inevitably look back with a sweet nostalgia for what used to be, to the all-consuming moments that you desperately want to hold on to for the rest of time.

In this fast-paced, distraction-filled life that demands so much of our attention and brain power, it’s all too easy for memories of days past to slip out from under us and get drowned out by the noise. Before we know it, it’s been three years and we can’t remember exactly where we were or how we felt when they happened, or even simply, how we lived our daily lives before now. That’s why we made the Three Year Journal.

The truth is, memories are our greatest joy, and they deserve to be kept. Even the most wonderfully mundane moments of one year can bring us joy, introspection, or appreciation in the next. Whether it’s an “Oh, today is the day I got my promotion!” to a “Woah, I was really heartbroken over that guy”, it’s a beautiful gift to be able to look back through a new lens and treasure those moments we lived through. Even the ones we felt like we’d never get past (especially those ones).

So, how does it work?

Firstly, it’s a blank dated journal which means you don’t have to worry about missing the January train and waiting a whole year until it rolls around again. You get to decide when to start.

The journal is laid out so that each page is for a specific date and is divided into thirds to account for each year you will write in it. So, let’s say today is May 20, 2022, and it’s your first day of using your journal. You’d grab your favourite pen (if you’re looking for journals we’re going to bet you have one), find 20__ inked at the top of the first section, and fill in ’22’. You’d then write about your day, detailing all the moments and memories you want to capture.

On May 21, you’ll flip to the next page and do the same. You’ll do this for every date until you reach the end of the book. Once you cycle through your first year and you’ve filled up the top third of every page, you’ll find your way back to the beginning page of May 20. Only this time, you’ll move down to the middle space where you’ll see 20__ marked again. You’ll finish it off with ’23’, marvel at what you were doing exactly a year ago today, and then begin on what May 20 looked like this time around. By the end of the three years, you’ll have marked every page of the book three separate times (which deserves a major pat on the back and self-celebration for the impressive three-year commitment).

Tell us more about the design of the book!

Our Three Year Journal is lovingly made in Italy and boasts a beautiful matte cover. The hard cover design is eye-catching yet simple with a funky colour-blocked pattern. The journal itself contains 192 double-sided pages of quality 90gsm paper and its A5 size makes it easy to pop in a tote bag or a backpack to take on your travels.

The Beauty of the Three Year Journal

The wonderful thing about the Three Year Journal is that each time you find your way back to the start, you’ll arrive on the same page, as a new person. And so the trend will continue for 1,095 days before you dot the final i and put your pen down for the last time. By then, you’ll have held onto this journal for three whole years, dribbling your lonely night thoughts while tucked away in your room, rapidly recording the magical nights you never want to forget and all of the fleeting moments in between. Retrospection truly is the most delightful gift, and being able to reflect on how you’ve evolved and appreciate all that makes up your extraordinary life is invaluable.

So, if you’re the kind of person who adores sitting around the table with old friends, reminiscing about the sweet, embarrassing, and unbelievable memories you’ve shared, having first-person accounts of every one of them right in the palm of your hand is undeniably worth it.